November 22, 2016

Mukkala Pulusu / Dappalam / Mixed Vegetable Stew

Hi readers, Today I am blogging another version of "Mukkala Pulusu". This time I used different vegetables like Sweet Potato, Drumstick, Carrot,Ladies Finger cooked in tamarind extract and also added rice flour water to thicken the pulusu(stew). It goes well with mudda pappu,hot steamed rice, papad and ghee.This Mukkala Pulusu is completely Andhra Brahmin Dish which tastes sweety, tangy and little bit spicy. Let us see the procedure for this Brahmin Dish ☺☺☺ ...

Ingredients :
1 very big lemon sized Tamarind, soak in water for 15 minuites
2 table spoon grated jaggery
Salt to taste
2 table spoons Red Chilli Powder
2 table spoons Rice flour
Pinch of Turmeric powder
1 spring Curry leaves
3-4 table spoons finely chopped coriander leaves

Vegetables :
2 medium sized Sweet Potatoes, chopped into big chunks
2 medium sized Drum stick, chopped into 1 1/2 " pieces
1 Carrot, cut into big chunks
1 Ladies finger, cut into 3 pieces
1 tomato, chopped into fine pieces
2-3 green chillies slit lengthwise

For Tempering :
1 table spoon oil
1/2 spoon mustard seeds
1/2 spoon cumin seeds
3-5 fennel seeds
pinch of asafoetida

Method :
1. Soak tamarind in water for 10-15 mins and remove tamarind pulp 
    and keep it aside. Add required quantity of water to cook the veggies.
2. Add chopped vegetables,slit green chillies,tomatoes,few curry leaves
    to the tamarind pulp and add salt, turmeric powder and grated   
    jaggery, red chili powder and cook for few more minuites.
3. Take a small bowl, add rice flour and 1/4 cup of water mix well and
     make a rice flour solution .
4. Add this rice flour solution to the stew and cook few more minuites 
    until you get the required consistency.The consistency should
    neither be very thick nor very thin.
5. Heat a small pan with oil and crackle mustard seeds,cumin seeds, 
    fennel seeds, red chillies,curry leaves and asafoetida and fry well 
    and add this to the boiling Pulusu(stew).
6. Transfer this stew into a serving bowl, garnish with finely chopped
     coriander leaves.

Hot hot sweet, tangy 'Mukkala Pulusu' is ready to serve !!! Serve it and

enjoy !!!

Please leave your feedback about my recipe here.....Meet you with another interesting recipe, till then bbbye....


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