November 7, 2016


Today is Koti Somvaram, the most auspicious Monday in the month of Kartika. Today Somavaram(monday),Sapthami thithi, Sravan nakshatram(Lord venkateshwara swamy birth star) It's very rare that's why we call it as "Koti Somavaram" The word " Koti" in Telugu means one crore and Somavaram means Monday. That means this Monday itself is equal to one crore Mondays. In 2016, this Koti Somavaram falls on 7 th November.2016.Surprisingly this year 5 Karthika Somavarams were observed in Hindu calender. Those who are not able to do fasting for 5 mondays , can do fasting this monday will get equal result and blessings from Lord Shiva and Vishnu.In other words performing holy rituals on today gives more result and blessings from the divinity. Especially observing fasting on this day has great importance (vaisishtatha) as per shasthras. 
This Shiva Lingam is from Indonesia Temple made completely with Gold

Here in Local Venkateswara Temple ,Pandits performed Venkateswara Kalyanam

It is believed that Mondays especially in Kartika month are auspicious and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The month of Kartika is auspicious to Lord Vishnu as well. But, Koti Somvaram is the most precious day among them.Various rituals are performed in Kartika. Many people normally fast during day time on each Monday in this month and eat after the sun set,this we can call it as "Natthalu". Koti Somavaram, the most auspicious Monday is observed on the Monday before full moon day of Kartika month on the star of Shravana. In Vaishnava temples Pandits perform Kalyanam for Lord Venkateswara swamy and Lakshmi Devi and Godha Devi. In Shiva temples, Pandits perform Rudra abhishekam, Sahasra Lingarchana with viboodhi, Bilwa patram, honey, fruit juices, cow milk etc.

Things to do on Koti Somavaram Day :

The fast is from sunrise to next day morning sunrise.

Take head bath - should not use shampoo/anything by chanting  this mantra "Gangecha yamunechaiva godavari saraswathi,Narmada sindhu kaaveri jalesmin Sannidhim kuru " then you will get the benefit of Nadi snanam(bath in the river)

After bathing, prayers are offered to Lord Shiva/ Lord Vishnu by chanting Lingashtakam, Bilwaashtakam, vishnusahasranama stotram, Kalabhairava ashtakam etc. 

Visit Shiva Temple or Vishnu temple nearer to your house and perform prayers . Those who can't go out(for old age people, sick people)can perform prayers at home.

Try to chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' mantram on the day. It can be chanted throughout the day when you are free.

If you find any Bilwa plant(maaredu chettu) in your locality do atleast 5 pradakshinalu( rounds)around that plant, and pour some water at that plant. This plant is complete form of Lord Shiva (saakshathu Shiva swaroopam).You will observe this plant in Shiva temples sure!! Lit deepam at this plant either morning or evening.

Fruits can be eaten on the day time. 

Bad-mouthing(scolding others) is highly restricted on this day.

Evening pooja should be offered to Lord Shiva during Pradosha period  - starting from an hour evening before sunset.

Lit the lights infront of Tulasi plant, at the main entrance door of the house and in your Pooja room.

He who Lights up a Deepam in Kaarthika Masam will have the blessings of PITRUDEVATHALU (who are our ancestors) and also the blessings of Lord SHIVA and VISHNU.

Deepam should be lighted up only in Mud Plate (Matti Pramida) and daily we should use new one. If by any chance non availability of Mud Plates kindly use Silver Articles only.

At any point of time don’t use Steel Articles for Deepam (usage of Steel Articles for Pooja and Deepam increases our Poverty).

Use Cow Ghee or Gingelly Oil  ( Til oil, Nuvvula noone)

Do not use Mustard Oil, for Deepam.

Devotees should not eat non vegetarian food for whole month of Karthik highly restricted on this Monday!!! Eating non vegetarian food is considered as Brahma Hathya (Killing Lord Brahma).

Next day morning break the fast by offering prayers to Shiva.

But many people do fasting on day time only, after evening pooja karyakramamulu, they can take food after 7 'o' clock by seeing the star in the sky(Nakshatra Darshanam).

Let us chant  OM NAMAH SHIVAY !! as much as we can:)

SARVEJANA SUKHINOBHAVANTHU !!! Everyone say this manta daily after the pooja, then everyone get be blessed.


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