November 19, 2015

Pachimirapakaya Pachadi (Green Chilli Chutney)

Freshly made "Roti Pachallu"is always healthy!! These "Roti Pachallu"(grinded chutneys in mortar and pestle)are very much famous in Andhra Pradesh.We can make this chutneys with farm fresh vegetables and with less oil. No need to add more salt because these are not preserved pickles. So, you don't get health issues like Blood Pressure and Diabeties etc. Fresh vegetable sauted in less oil,grinded coarse,aroma of Tadka gives you tongue tickling taste to these chutneys. Today's special is "Pachimirapayaka Pachadi"(Green Chilli Chutney) !!! Let us check the ingredients and method of preparation....

I usually prepare this chutney with Bajji Mirchi and normal green chillies combination, as bajji mirchi are more flavourful and less hot. For spiciness i do add normal green chillies.

Ingredients :
Bajji Mirchi(big green chillies)                                         : 200gms
Pachimirapakayalu ( Normal green chillies)                     :  5-6
Oil                                                                                      : 2 spoons
Inguva (asafoetida)                                                            : 2 pinches
Chinthapandu(Tamarind)                                                  :  lemon size
Salt                                                                                    :   to taste
For Tempering :
Minapappu (black gram dal)                            : 2spoons
Aavalu (mustard seeds)                                    : 1/4 spoon
Jeelakarra (cumin)                                            :1/4 spoon
Inguva (asafoetida)                                           : pinch
Oil                                                                     : 1 spoon
Curry leaves                                                      : 5-6 leaves

Method :
1. Take green chillies wash and clean. Remove stalks.
2. Heat a pan, add 2spoons of oil, then add both bajji mirchi and slit green chillies. Sprinkle 2 pinches of Inguva(asafoetida),Pasupu(turmeric powder)and Chinthapandu(Tamarind).
3. Fry for few minutes till green chillies turn wilt.
4. Adjust salt and let it cool for few minuites.
5. Once cool, grind the ingredients into coarsed paste. You should not make it into fine paste.
6. Transfer this paste into a bowl.
7. Now heat up a pan, add 1spoon of oil, add minapappu(blackgram dal), aavalu(mustard), jeelakarra(cumin) fry for few seconds until mustard and jeelakarra starts to crackle.Finally fry curry leaves for one second.
8. Pour this over chutney.
9. Now Andhra Pachimirapakaya Pachadi (Green Chilli Chutney) is ready!! Serve it with hot steamed rice and ghee. 

November 18, 2015

Kobbari Pachadi (Coconut Chutney)

There are many varieties of chutneys in Andhra Cuisine that can be eaten with boiled rice during meal times. One of the most popular and tasty chutney in Andhra cuisine is "Kobbari Pachadi"(Coconut Chutney). After doing pooja ,we usually prepare sweet with leftover coconut. But you can try this delicious Kobbari Pachadi with leftover coconut too. Once you taste this chutney it gives nice mouth-feel and quickly it will become your hot favourite!!  A delicious pachadi with hot plain rice and ghee. To prepare this chutney you need mainly mature coconut !!!

Ingredients :
Kobbari (Coconut pieces)                             :   1 cup
Yendu mirapakayalu (Red chillies)               :   6
Pachi mirapakayalu (green chillies)               :   4
Chinthapandu gujju(Tamarind Paste)             :  1 spoon
Pasupu (Turmeric Powder)                              :  1/4 tea spoon  
Uppu(Salt)                                                                  : to taste
For Seasoning :
Minapa pappu (black gram dal)                        : 2 table spoons
Sanaga pappu ( Yellow splint lentils)               : 2 table spoons
Aavalu (Mustard seeds)                                     ; 1/4 tea spoon
Inguva (Asafoetida)                                          :  Pinch
Oil                                                                      : 3 table spoons

Method :

1. First you take one mature coconut. Break the coconut, separate the flesh from its shell. Cut into small pieces
2.  Heat up a pan, pour 2 table spoons of oil .Then add minapappu(black gramdal)Sanagapappu(yellowsplint lentils),aavalu(mustardseeds), yendumirapakaylu(dry red chillies).Fry for few seconds until they turn golden colour and mustard is popping.
3.  In the same oil heat green chillies for few seconds. Finally add coconut pieces
4. Remove from the gas stove and set aside to cool for few minutes.
5. Once cool, grind the toasted ingredients,tamarind paste, salt and turmeric powder into coarse paste by adding little water. Do not make chutney into fine paste.
6. Transfer the chutney into a bowl.
7. Heat oil in a pan, add Tadka(seasoning ) ingredients one by one.Srinkle pinch of inguva(asafoetida)Saute them until mustard start to crackle.Now pour this over kobbari pachadi.Decorate it with fresh coriander.
8. Now Andhra style Kobbari pachadi is ready!!! Serve it with steamed rice, ghee and sambhar.
Tips :
* For super taste, use only mature coconut.
* Grind the ingredients into coarse paste. Do not make fine paste.
* Use Mortar & Pestle for grinding.

November 17, 2015

Tomato - Green Chilli Chutney

If you ask which is spicy , tasty and easiest chutney in Telugu Foods, being a chutney lover I firmly say it's TOMATO - GREEN CHILLI CHUTNEY !!! without any hesitation. One of the easiest, and tastiest yummy yummy chutney in Andhra cuisine is Tomato Chutney. It's an apt combination for almost each and every South Indian dish you make like Rice, Idly, Dosa, Curd rice.

Everybody is busy today!!in this busiest life ,we don't find much free time. So in busy mornings this Tomato chutney is quite helpful for you with less ingredients.So easy and tasty too!! just with 3 ingredients !!! All you need is Tomato, green chilly and tamarind that's it !!! There are many versions with Tomato, this is Spicy & Chilli Version!!

Ingredients :
Tomato                                                                 :   5-6 medium size
Pachi mirapakayalu(Green Chillies)                      :   10
Chinthapandu(Tamarind )                                      :   lemon size
Kottimeera (Chopped Coriander)                           : 3-4 spoons 
Oil                                                                           : 2 spoons
Turmeric powder                                                    : pinch

For Tadka :
Minapappu(black gram dal)                                    :  2 spoons
Sanagapappu (Yellow splint lentils)                       :  2 spoons
Aavalu(mustard seeds)                                            : 1/4 spoon
Jeelakarra(Cumin)                                                   : 1/4 spoon
Oil                                                                            : 2 spoons

Method :

1. Wash and clean Tomatoes and Green chillies.

2. Shred Tomatoes, keep aside. Similarly break the green chillies into small pieces,keep aside

3. Heat a pan, add oil to it once heat add tomatoes and green chilli, lemon size of tamarind, salt and turmeric powder . Saute them covered for 10minutes,till tomatoes ooze it's water.

4. After 10minutes remove the lid and let it cool for some time.

5. Now grind the ingredients to make pachadi. Texture is your choice!! If you like fine paste then grind it into fine paste. Or else you can grind Kachapacha(coarsed). For grinding you can use mixer grinder or mortar and pestle. If you use Mortar and Pestle for grinding,it tastes super good,yummylicious!!!and best exercise too. But it all depends on your time !!

6. Do the tempering by adding all tadka ingredients under "for Tadka".

7. Now the spicy,tasty TOMATO CHUTNEY is ready. Enjoy with hot hot plain rice and ghee.

November 16, 2015

Pesara Pachadi (Soaked Green Gramdal Chutney) - An Yummylicious Andhra Chutney

Pesarapachadi a simple yummylicious Telugu food with less ingredients. When there are no vegetables at your home, this dish will be helpful with excellent taste. When extra guests came to your house, you can serve this excellent complimentary dish in short span of time with simple ingredients. 

Ingredients :
Pesara Pappu(Moong dal or Green Gram)   :   1 cup
Red chillies                                                   :    5 to 6
Oil                                                                 :     2 spoons
Jeelakarra (cumin)                                         :     1 tea spoon
Uppu (Salt)                                                   :     1 spoon or to taste
Inguva (Asafoetida)                                       :      A pinch
Lemon Juice                                                  :      1 spoon
Minapappu(Black gram dal)                         :      1/2 spoon
Sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils)               :      1/2 spoon
Aavalu                                                           :       1/4 spoon

Preparation :
1. Wash the Pesarapappu (moongdal) thoroughly and soak in water for 45 minutes.
2. Split the red chillies into pieces.

3. Roast red chillies and cumin seeds till red chillies and cumin starts change it's colour.Stir continuously for 10 seconds or the chillies and cumin will burn.

4. Now drain the water from soaked green gram dal.

5. Take a mixie jar, grind the roasted red chillies and cumin into a coarse powder. Then add soaked pesarapappu(green gram dal) ,salt and grind it into a coarsed paste. I usually make this chutney as coarsed, if you like to have fine paste ,then grind it little more. 

6. Take the ground chutney into a bowl, add 1spoon of lemon juice and mix well. 

7. Now flavour the dish with popu(Tadka) , heat a pan add 2 spoons of oil then add minapappu,sanagapappu, aavalu,redchillies, jeera , finally sprinkle pinch of asafoetida.Let the aavalu,jeelakarra splutter. Fry for few seconds,add curryleaves ,saute for 2 seconds. The combination of Inguva(asafoetida)with cumin gives unique flavour to the dish.

8. Now the mouth-watering chutney is ready to serve. Transfer the chutney into a serving bowl, serve with hot hot plain rice and ghee. 

* You can accompany this chutney with hot hot plain rice, ghee and with hot tomato rasam . Chutney is ready now , Enjoy!!!!

If lemon is not available at your home, you can try this chutney by adding citric acid crystals. For that you need to wait for few minutes till it gets mixed with chutney completely.

November 15, 2015

Nagula Chavithi Naivedyam and Significance of Nagula Chavithi

Nagula Chavithi!!!, an auspicious day celebrates in Andhra Pradesh. Nagula Chavithi festival is celebrated on the fourth day of Karthikamasam after Deepavali festival.This Nagula chavithi festival is especially Women's festival. On this day women observe fasting and perform naga pooja and worship Snake god with prayers on the name of Subrahmanya Swamy. It's a ritual in Andhra Pradesh performed for Children's better health. 

At my home, we perform this Nagula Chavithi festival with complete dedication. All members of my family woke up early in the morning and take head bath without applying shampoo or shikakai over head. Later we perform"Nitya Pooja"as usual. I pray Lord Subrahmanya Swamy with different ashtotharam ,ashtakam and with ashtothara namavali. On this day I usually prepare Chimli or nuvvula vunda(Sesame laddu), pachi chalimidi (a sweet made with rice flour and jaggery),  Vadapappu (Soaked Yellow moong dal), Panakam(liquid made with water and jaggery,pepper corn powder ). Here I am giving the method of preparation for naivedyams.


Method of preparation :

1. Chimili or Nuvvula vunda (Sesame laddu) : Take Jaggery and Sesame seeds in equal quantities. Mix both well and make laddus. Some people don't make laddus, they just mix both well and make powder. If you need more sweetness then you can add more jaggery.It can be mixed as per your taste.

2. Pachi Chalimidi : Soak the rice grains for one hour, drain the water and spread on a cloth for about 15 minutes. Once it gets semi dry, take that semi dried rice and make fine rice powder. Take equal quantities of rice powder, jaggery and ilachi (2 no.) mix well to make chalimidi. For this you can add 4-5 spoons of water to make wet chalimidi.

3. Vada Pappu : Soak half cup of pesara pappu(yellow moong dal) in 2 cups of water for about half an hour. Drain the water at pooja time.

4. Panakam : Take 40gms of jaggery in 1 cup of water, 1/2 table spoon of Black Pepper corns crushed powder, 1 green cardamom . Mix all ingredients well. 

Process of Naga Pooja :
We take naivedyams(chimli,pachichalimidi,vadapappu,panakam)
made at home and turmeric, kumkum, flowers, akshinthalu, cow milk,coconut,bananas, custard apples, rice rava, chandan,water to the "Paamu Putta"(Snake Pit). I do decorate the Snake pit with flowers, kumkum, turmeric powder, rice flour. Then I sprinkle rice rava over the snake pit by saying " ee nookalu teeskuni maa mookalni kaapadu Nagendra swamy" (take this rava as food and save our family).Later we put all naivedyams at the snake pit along with cow milk requesting snake god with this"thoka tokkithe tolagipo, nadumu thokkithe naa vadu anuko, padaga thokkithe paaripo ". That time we mention all family members names, will pray on behalf of whole family members. Finally we give all naivedyams, fruits, coconut as Prasadam for snake god.Later we do 5 pradakshinas around the snake pit, will take the "SOIL AT SNAKE PIT" as Subrahmanya Swamy Prasadam and apply to our ears. It's very important thing in Nagula chavithi pooja. It's a belief here that if we do perform this Naga pooja on Nagula Chavithi, there will be no problems in ear and eye like ear infections, eye infections.Married couples who desirous of having children must perform this Nagaaradhana, because this is especially for better health of children .

This is the significance of Nagula Chavithi. Perform this Naga Pooja with dedication, get bless with blessings of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy!!! 

November 14, 2015

How to flavour a dish with Tadka (popu)?

The aroma of Tadka or Popu (in Telugu) or Tempering (in English) can make us salivate even from a distance. With the aroma of Tadka we feel hungry and making us getting ready for lunch or dinner. The Tadka in ghee or oil whatever it is , it has its peculiar taste and smell which defines Indian cuisine. To give mouth-watering taste and visual appeal to your dish Tadka gives complete sense. Let's check the Tadka ingredients which are required....

Ingredients :

Minapappu (Black gram dal)                   : 2 spoons

Sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils)        : 2 spoons

Aavalu ( Mustard seeds)                         :  2 spoons

Jeelakarra (Cumin)                                 : 1 spoon

Oil                                                          : 2 spoons

Yendu Mirapakayalu(dry red chillies)   : 4

Inguva (Asafoetida) or Vellulli (Garlic)      : little


Method : 

Take a pan add oil, let it heat first once it get very hot then reduce to medium then add all the spices in a order like minapappu(black gram dal), sanagapappu(yellow splint lentils), later add aavalu(mustard seeds) ,Jeelakarra(Cumin). Finally add Inguva (asafoetida) or Vellulli(Garlic).Let the mustard seeds and Cumin to pop up in oil. Once the Tempering is done, it will change its colour to golden colur. Then remove from gas stove , add to the dish required.

Things to remember :

In the method of Tempering few things you should remember always 

1. The key to Tadka is mainly heat control.

2. Follow the order of adding spices.

3. Oil should be medium(2 to 4 spoons depending on the quantity of food you make)

4. For dal , it is better to add Tadka at the end, For Curry, it is better to add at start. For sambar and rasam, it is better to add Tadka at the end which gives different aroma to the dish.

5, You can use ghee for Tadka in making of dal, which gives excellent taste to the dish.

So, try what i suggested here...enjoy it's aroma, taste and nutritional benefits too!!!

November 13, 2015

Medicinal Benefits with Popula Pette (Tadka Box)

Kitchen does not mean a staff that prepares food and tadka box does not mean a spicebox where we can keep all tadka ingredients. With regular usage of tadka ingredients like jeelakarra(Cumin seeds), aavalu(Mustard seeds),minapappu(Black gram dal), sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils),Vellulli(Garlic),Yendu mirapakaayalu(Red chillies) Miriyalu(Peppercorns), Uppu(Salt), Pasupu(Turmeric powder) we can easily get all medicinal benefits. Here are those tadka ingredients having excellent medicinal values.

Jeelakarra (Cumin): Cumin is extremely beneficial for all digestive disorders like indigestion, dyspepsia,flatulence, diarrhea and acidity.

Aavalu(Mustard seeds): Mustard relieves severe rheumotoid pains,arthritis and muscle pains. It improves immunity,fights against skin infections, slows ageing process, lowers bad cholesterol levels. A simple way to relieve muscle pain just apply a paste of mustard seeds on the area, it heats up the area and helps in loosten muscles.Pain will be controlled .

Vellulli(Garlic) : Garlic mainly boost the function of immune system, It controls all bacterial,viral,fungal infections. It controls headaches,ear infection, general cold and cough.

Miriyalu(Pepper corns) : Peppercorns improves digestion power, controls constipation problem. Kills worms in stomach.

Uppu(Salt) : It helps in balancing digestive system by improving digestion.

Pasupu(Turmeric Powder) : Turmeric has huge therapeutic value and "boosting the immunity" is it's  most important property. It is an affective home remedy for chronic cold,cough and throat irritations. The best antibiotic to cure all skin infections and we can use it as best beauty product too.

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