December 20, 2016

Dabbakaya Pachadi / Indian Grape Fruit(Citron) Pickle

Hi readers, I am back with very famous traditional pickle "Dabbakaya Pachadi/Citron Pickle". "Dabbakya" is a very famous Andhra fruit which tastes similar to Lemon. This is a seasonal fruit, mostly in the month of August-November. It belongs to the citrus family. It looks like a lemon, but big in size. It has sour taste. The skin will be in bright yellow colour and is very rough and thick. 

I used to try different varieties with this fruit like Dabbakaya rice(Dabbakaya Pulihora with dabbakaya juice), Dabbakaya tokku pachadi, Dabbakaya rasam. This pickle is traditionally eaten with hot hot rice and a dollop of ghee. Let us see the process ....

Dabbakayalu/Citron fruit   - 4 big sized (for chunks)
Dabbakayalu - 2 big size for juice
Salt -250gms
Red Chilli Powder- 250 gms
Turmeric powder-1 tbsp
Vamu / Ajwain   -  1 1/2 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds    - 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds        - 1 tbsp

1. Wash the dabbakayalu/Citron fruit thoroughly and dry them.
2. Cut them into chunks of medium size(or your choice).
3. Take 2 big dabbakaylu ,cut into 2 big halves, squeeze the juice
     into a bowl.
4. Now add  cut chunks of Dabbakayalu into a big plastic bowl.
5. Add salt and turmeric powder,ajwain and the juice squeezed,
    mix them properly.
6. After mixing thoroughly,  transfer these contents into a tightly
    covered container and leave at least 7 days before you
    start using.
7. After 7-10 days, take the pachadi from container,add Red Chilly
    powder, mix them properly.
8. Heat a pan, add 3 table spoons of fenugreek seeds, 1 spoon of 
    mustard seeds , fry them separately until nice aroma comes out , 
    transfer this to a mixie jar and grind it into a fine powder.
9. Now add this powder to the above Dabbakaya Pachadi mix. 
    Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with the help of hands.
10. Transfer this pickle into a air tight glass or plastic container.
11. Serve it with hot hot rice and ghee.

Health Note :
Take tender dabbakaya leaves, tear them , mix these leaves into butter milk,add salt,pinch of black salt now mix thoroughly all the ingredients and keep aside for few minuites. A very refreshing, cooling "Dabbakaya Buttermilk"is ready which is good for health in hot summer.

Hope you all enjoyed my spicy, tangy "Dabbakaya Pachadi"!! Please leave your comments here..



  1. Whether you've used Papnas in this pickle recipe. I'm not sure, but here (Maharashtra) we call it is as Papnas.

    Very much loved your innovative pickle recipes. Looking lip smacking and yum..

    1. Thank you Deepa!! For this lovely feedback😊

    2. We call papanas as "pampara panasa" in telugu, that's different Deepa..Dabbakaya is different, it is rough lime in english

    3. Thank you so much dear, if possible please upload the image of main ingredient.

    4. Posted Dabbakaya image in my post, please check😊

  2. Thanks a lot for your lovely feedback Meenakshi😃😊


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