February 26, 2016

Bendakaya Palli Fry/Bhindi Peanuts deep fry/Lady fingers Peanut deep fry

Bendakaya is good for health especially to improve memory in children. In my childhood, my mom used to make this Bendakaya curry in different methods like Bendakaya palli fry, Bendakaya mudda koora, Bendakaya pulusu, Bendakaya pakodi koora etc...Bendakaya is rich in fibres and contains vitamins A,B.C & K and also have minerals such as Iron,magnesium,calcium and manganese.Today I want to share Bendakaya palli fry. This Bendakaya palli fry suits with hot steamed rice,Sambhar and ghee.(Whenever I make this fry, I make tomato green chilly chutney too.) In vegetarian marriage functions this bendakaya palli fry is most important dish and you can't miss it!!To make this fry we need fresh,tender Bendakayalu / Bhindi.

Ingredients :

Bendakayalu / Lady fingers/Bhindi                         :        500 gms
Peanuts                                                                     :         1 cup
Oil                                                                             :         For deep frying
Salt                                                                            :         as per taste
Red chilli powder                                                      :          2 - 3 table spoons
Curry leaves                                                               :          10-12

Method to make Bendakaya Palli fry :

1. I usually wipe bendakayalu with wet clean cotton cloth and keep aside for one hour.
2. Chop bendakayalu/Bhindi into 1/2 inch size pieces.
3. Now heat oil in a pan for deep frying
4. Once oil gets heated then fry Bendakaya pieces in 3 to 4 batches.
5. Once they fried they become little soft and colour will change.
6. Repeat the same process with remaining pieces.
7. Now drain the excess oil from bendakaya pieces.
8. Now take a pan, add oil,fry peanuts ,curry leaves on medium flame for few seconds.
9. Now add fried bendakaya pieces, add salt, turmeric powder and red chilli powder(you can add
    dry coconut powder too) mix well and saute them for few seconds.
10. Transfer this into a bowl and garnish with fried curry leaves.
11. Serve it with hot hot steamed rice,sambhar,tomato green chilli chutney and ghee.

February 24, 2016

Nimmakaya Uragaya Pachadi / Lemon Pickle in Andhra Style

Nimmakaya Pachadi can be found in many South Indian homes especially in Andhra it is very popular. The taste of Nimmakaya pachadi with curd rice is ultimate.When you are sick this pickle helps in improving your taste by tantalizing your tastebuds.We can find Lemons throughout the year. I usually make this pickle for every 6 months to maintain it's freshness and taste too. To make this Lemon Pickle all we need is fresh, juicy Lemons!!! Let us go through the procedure now...

Ingredients :
Lemons / Nimmakayalu                     :          25 big size
Rock Salt                                            :          250gms
Red Chilli Powder                              :          250 gms
Methi Powder/ Menthi pindi              :          4-5 spoons
Turmeric Powder/ Pasupu                  :           2 spoons

Procedure :
1. Wipe Lemons with a soft,clean dry cloth.
2. Cut 10 lemons into quarters or smaller pieces. Remove the seeds.
    Keep it ready in a plastic or  ceramic or glass bowl.
3. Take remaining 15 lemons and extract juice. Strain this juice to 
     remove seeds.
4. Add the lemon juice to the cut lemon pieces.
5. Now add Rock salt, Turmeric powder and mix well with 
    dry plastic spoon.
6. Keep it aside for 3 days. In these 2 days the lemon pieces will
    become soft .
7. On third day we can add red chilli powder and methi powder .
8. Heat a pan, add methi / fenugreek seeds, let it splutter for few
     seconds on medium flame. Turn off the flame once you get nice
     aroma while frying .
9.  Cool the fenugreek seeds and powder them in a mixie jar.
10. Now add fenugreek seeds powder and redchilli powder to the
      prepared lemons. Mix all well, pickle is ready now !!!
11. Enjoy Lemon pickle especially with curd rice or with dal and ghee.

February 18, 2016

Vegetable Khichidi - A tasty and healthy food

Vegetable Khichdi is healthy and nutritious food from Indian cuisine. It is easy to learn and simple to cook. When you don't have much time to prepare complete meals, then Khichdi is great option. I usually make this Khichdi with Rice, Moongdal,mixed Vegetables and ghee.Today I just used three vegetables like carrot,potato,capsicum.But if you want to make it much healthier, you can add more vegetables. Let us see the main ingredients and procedure to make healthy and yummy vegetable khichdi.

Main Ingredients :
Rice                                       :                1 cup
Moong dal /Pesarapappu       :                 1/4 cup
Ghee                                       :                2 spoons
Onion                                     :                1 medium sized
Potatoes                                  :                2 medium sized
Carrot                                     :                2 medium sized
Capsicum                               :                 1
Ginger -Garlic paste              :                   1/2 tea spoon
Curry leaves                           :                  few
Coriander leaves                     :                  2 spoons (chopped)
Shajeera                                  :                   1/4 tea spoon
Water                                      :                    2cups 

Procedure :
Step 1 :
Wash and soak rice and moong dal for 30minutes. Finely chop mix vegetables,keep it ready.

Step 2:
Heat ghee in a pan(i used pressure cooker pan) on medium flame, add shajeera, clove,cinnamon stick,cardamom.Saute it for 30seconds.

Step 3 :
Add finely chopped onion and saute until it turns light brown,then add ginger - garlic paste and saute for few more minutes.

Step 4 :
Add finely chopped mix vegetables one by one and saute for 3minutes.

Step 5 :
Add soaked rice, moongdal,turmeric powder and salt.Mix well and saute for 2-3 minutes.

Step 6:
I usually take 1:2 ratio of rice and water. Now add 2cups of water,close the pressure cooker lid and pressure cook for 3 whistles. One whistle on high flame and 2 whistles on medium flame.

Step 7 :
Once the pressure subsides, open the lid and mix gently.Now garnish it with fresh finely chopped coriander leaves

Serving Ideas :
I usually serve this Vegetable Khichdi with onion/cucumber raitha or with Dum Aloo Curry.

February 17, 2016

Pandumirapakay Pachadi /Ripe Redchillie Pickle - Famous Pickle in Andhra

Andhra is most popular for Pickles. Especially spicy pickles like Aavakaya, Gongura, Maagaya and Red chillie pickles are most famous in Andhra. Red Chillie Pickles is mouth-watering, with yummilicious taste in spicy flavour. During summer season we get fresh,ripen red chillies in market , it is usually ground with tamarind ,salt and turmeric powder and is stored in air tight glass jars or ceramic jars. Especially Guntur is most popular place in Andhra for this Red chillies. We can make this pickle at home very simple. It is an apt combination for hot steamed rice and ghee or with Kandi podi(dal powder). Let us see the procedure to make Pandumirapakaya niluva pachadi / Redchillie pickle.

Ingredients for Pandumirapakaya niluva pachadi/Redchillie Pickle :

Pandumirapakayalu/Redchillies                                    :       1 kg
Tamarind                                                                        :       250gms
Rock Salt                                                                        :       250 gms
Turmeric Powder                                                            :       3-4 spoons

Procedure :

1.  Rub the Pandumirapakayalu/Redchillies with clean cotton cloth, remove the stalks and keep
     aside on fresh cotton cloth for one hour.
2.  Clean the Tamarind remove the seeds and fibres and keep it ready.
3.  Grind Pandumirapakayalu/Redchillies, Chinthapandu(tamarind),Salt and turmeric powder(Pasupu)    to a coarse paste in mixie jar or stone mortar and pestle. You should not use water to make a smoth paste.
4.  Store this coarse paste in a air tight glass jar or ceramic jar. It will stay good for several
months to an year.

Pandumirpakaya pachadi for hot steamed rice :

Ingredients :
Pandumirapakaya thokku                                      :    1 cup
Sanagapappu /Chana dal                                       :    1spoon
Minapapappu / Urad dal                                        :    1/2 spoon
Aavalu / Mustard seeds                                          :   1/4 spoon
Yendumirapakayalu/dry red chillies                      :    3
Curry leaves                                                            :   few
Inguva/asafoetida                                                    :    1/4 spoon

Method :

1.  Take small portion of Pandumirapakaya thokku/Redchillie pickle in a cup.
2.  Heat oil in a pan, add chanadal,urad dal,mustard seeds,dry red chillies,curry leaves,
   let it crackle for few seconds,then sprinkle asafoetida and add this to Pandumirapakaya pachadi
3. Stir it well and serve it with hot steamed rice and ghee.

February 12, 2016

Chinthakaya Pachadi / Thokku (Raw Tamarind Pickle)

Have you ever experienced the sour taste of fresh raw tamarind? If you have not yet, then you won't know it's taste unless you actually tasted it yourself. Chinthakaya Pachadi or Thokku is very very famous pickle in teluguvari vantalu (in Telugu cuisine). It's very yummy and tasty because of it's sourness. Out of all Pickles my favourite pickle is Chinthakaya Pachadi. I love it's sour taste much!! Especially when you feel cold this is the best and great accompaniment with hot hot rice and ghee. Today I am posting it's procedure. Have a look.....

Ingredients to make Chinthakaya tokku :
Chintakayalu                        :          1kg
Rock Salt                              :          250gms
Turmeric Powder                  :          2-3 spoons

For Chinthakaya Thokku first you need fresh raw and firm Chinthakayalu for perfect taste. Select firm chinthakayalu and wash thouroughly with water 2 or 3 times till water comes clear. Now spread these cleanly washed Chinthakayalu on dry cloth for 4 to 5 hours in shade only for drying. When fully dried split these Chinthakayalu into small pieces and grind coarsely either in mixie or food processor or Stone Mortar and Pestle. I used Stone mortar and Pestle in traditional way.While grinding add raw crystal salt and turmeric powder. Transfer this mixer into a glass jar or ceramic container and store it for 3days. After 3 days tamarind becomes soft and remove the seeds in Chinthakayalu carefully. Again grind this paste to make Chinthakaya Thokku. Now Chinthakaya thokku is ready to make Pachadi. Let us see the procedure to make Chinthakaya Pachadi too...

Ingredients for Chinthakaya Pachadi :

Chinthakaya tokku                                :     1 cup
Red chillies (yendu mirapakayalu)     :        11 
Green chillies (pachimirapakayalu)    :        4
Chana dal (sanagapappu)                    :       1spoon
Urad dal (minapa pappu)                    :       1spoon
Fengugreek seeds (menthulu)             :       1spoon
Mustard seeds (aavalu)                       :       1spoon
Oil                                                       :      10 spoons
Asafoetida (Inguva)                            :       1 spoon
Curry leaves                                        :       few
salt                                                       :       to taste

Method :

1. Take a pan, put oil and add chana dal, urad dal, fenugreek seeds,mustard seeds.
2.  Fry till the seeds splutter and fry well.
3. When seeds are done with frying , now add red chillies,curry leaves and asafoetida.
4. Switch of the flame and allow the ingredients to cool.
5. Now grind these ingredients along with green chillies and Chinthakaya tokku.Garnish with
    slightly fried curry leaves.
6. Yummy,tasty and spicy Chinthakaya Pachadi is ready , serve with hot hot rice and ghee.

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