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Hi friends,
I am Nagasri, the writer of this blog "Yummy Kitchen".I am a pure vegetarian. I was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and currently staying in Hyderabad, Telangana. I am married and having one son.Basically I love my mom's  Andhra Style recipes in traditional way. She is expert in making different varieties of dishes, whatever she makes it turns out yummy and delicious. She makes delicious dishes with leftover foods with excellent taste. Being her daughter i too try to cook different dishes in her way, sometimes i make dishes on my own. I learnt cooking from my mom by observing the way she cooks and make a note in my brain:). I started blogging recently to share my experiences and experiments in cooking. I want to share my mom's delicious recipes to the whole world.

I do experiments in cooking, and make new dishes, offer to my family. They love all my preparations and give genuine feedback to improve my cooking skills a lot. My son is the only critic for my food:).My hubby loves all my preparations,and give genuine feedback in an encouraging way to experiment new dishes.I do enjoy their comments and compliments.

I started this blog as a hobby and wanted to share my mom's recipes to the world.Through blogging i got so many encouraging friends.Whenever i get appreciation messages and comments from readers i really feel happy for that. Each appreciation i get from readers,that all credit goes to my lovely mom!! Thanks mom!!:) Reader's appreciation messages and comments made me blogging as a serious profession.It encouraged me to keep posting more and more recipes.I do post recipes step by step manner.I usually take pictures either from my mobile or sony camera.I edit my pictures using photoshop. Hoping that everyone liking my recipes. Your comments and feed back is the only thing that makes me going and makes my future brighter:).So if you try any recipe from my blog, and if you feel it is worthy for appreciation, please spend some time and send me your feedback either through mail or comment in comment section box to improve my cooking skills.I appreciate your suggestions and comments for improvements in the recipes and the way i do present it on my blog always welcome!!

Thanks to all my readers and friends for your continuous support and encouragement.

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Thank you for visiting my page and spending your valuable time to read about me:)

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Hi everyone !! My name is Nagasri. I am from Andhra but staying in Hyderabad, Telangana. I love both andhra and telangana foods. I love Cooking and eating too :).  I like to experiment different recipes.Have a look at my blog,try and enjoy!!! Don't forget to leave your valuable feedback at my blog. Other than cooking I love listening to music. Here I am sharing my experiences and experiments in cooking !!

Nice to meet you all !!