April 15, 2016

Sri Rama Navami Naivedyam to Lord Sri Rama

Today Sri Rama Navami !!! an auspicious day of Hindus, which we celebrate the birthday of lord Sri Rama. Sri Rama Navami will be celebrated sevendays after Ugadi festival.This festival celebrates on the ninth day of Chaitra masam i.e. Chaitra masam, Shukla paksham, Navami thithi as per telugu calender.Today's nakshatram is "Pushyami"!! Here on Sri Rama Navami day Lord Sitarama marriage will be performed in all temples and communities. Temples will be decorated with mamidi thoranams, chains of flowers and coconut leaves. You feel festival atmosphere  everywhere on Sri Rama Navami. On this day, the statues of Lord Sita and Rama will be placed together and decorate with colourful different varieties of  flowers and graceful ornaments and perform the marriage celebration with great fervor and devotion, many people will attend to watch this marriage celebration. On this Sri Rama Navami festival Panakam (a sweet drink) and Vadapappu(soaked moongdal) are the important naivedyams will be offered to Lord Sri Rama. After the pooja, these naivedyams will be given to the devotees. This Panakam really works like an energy drink to the devotees who attend to this kalyanam on red hot summer. Here in Bhadrachalam, this Srirama Navami festival will be celebrated grandly by offering "Pattu vastralu and mutyala talambralu"(pearls) to Lord Sri Rama!! Here is Rama Navami Naivedyam spread : Vadapappu, Panakam, Ksheerannam(rice payasam) 

Panakam (Sri Rama Navami special sweet drink) :

Ingredients :
Jaggery                                         :         1/2 cup
Cold water                                    :          3 glasses
Powdered Cardamom                   :         1 table spoon
Crushed Pepper                            :         1 1/2 table spoon

Method :
1. In a half cup of water, dissolve the jaggery for few minutes, till it dissolve completely.
2. Crush the cardamom and pepper into powder form.
3. Strain the jaggery syrup , then add remaining 2 glasses of water, crushed pepper and
    powdered cardamom and keep it in the fridge for few minutes or you can add few ice cubes
    before serving.

Vada Pappu(Soaked moongdal)  for Sri Rama Navami :
Soak moongdal/Pesarapappu for an hour completely immeresed in water. Strain water and wash thouroughly twice or thrice with water and wrap in a cloth to absorb excess water. I 
usually offer this Vadapappu as plain dal  to god!! If you want to add extra spice, you can add green chilli pieces, raw mango pieces & coconut pieces and salt to taste.

Ksheerannam / Rice payasam for Sri Rama Navami :
Ingredients :
Rice                                                      :         1 cup
Moong dal or Chana dal                      :         2-3 table spoons
Full Cream milk                                   :        6 cups
Jaggery                                                 :        1 - 11/2 cup (or according to your taste)
Cardamom powder                               :        pinch
Cashew pieces                                      :        few
Ghee                                                      :       2-3 table spoons

Method :
1. Grate the jaggery and keep aside
2. Crush the cardamom into powder and keep aside
3. Wash the rice , moongdal or chana dal and drain the water and keep aside.
4. In a heavy bottomed vessel, boil milk.
5. When the milk boils, turn the flame to medium.
6. Add soaked rice, moongdal or chana dal and allow it to cook for few minutes till the rice 
    is cooked.
7. Stirr continuous while cooking the rice.When the rice is completely cooked, add jaggery
    and mix well.
8. Heat another pan with 2 tablespoons of ghee, fry dry fruits till golden colour
9. Add this fried dryfruits to Ksheerannam.
10.Offer this as Naivedyam to Lord Rama and enjoy as Prasadam !!!

April 13, 2016

Dosakaya Roti Pachadi / Cucumber Chutney in Andhra Style

Today I am blogging one of the best low calorie vegetable, Dosakaya/Cucumber that is good for weight loss camp. Dosakaya / cucumbers are high in vitamin C and A, low in sodium content and zero cholesterol that is good for Blood Pressure patients. If we consume raw cucumbers we get all benefits without any loss of nutrients. We can make curry, sambhar and pulusu with these Dosakaya/Cucumber. 

Any freshly made chutneys are extraordinary in taste especially if you use stone mortar and pestle in making of it. Here I tried and made this chutney with mortar & pestle and it turned out yummy yummy!!! Today I am posting Dosakaya roti pachadi , one of the most admirable chutneys from Andhra Cuisine. It is very simple and easy to make, yet tastes good with hot steamed rice and ghee.Hope you too try it out !!!

Ingredients :
Yellow Cucumber / Dosakaya                 :  1  round medium sized
Red chillies                                              :   10
Green Chillies /pachi mirapakayalu        :    5
Tamarind                                                 :  small lemon size, soak in 
                                                                    little water
Black gram/ Urad dal                             :  3 table spoons
Fenugreek seeds                                     :   1/4 table spoon
Mustard seeds                                        :   1 1/2 table spoons
Cumin seeds                                          :    1/4 table spoon
Oil                                                         : 5 table spoons
Salt                                                        :   to taste
Turmeric powder                                  :    1/4 table spoon
Coriander leaves                                  :   for garnishing
Asafoetida                                            :  a pinch

Method : 
1. Before using the cucumber taste a small piece of cucumber
    as most of them are sour.Do not use sour ones to make chutney.
2. Wash and peel of the cucumber and cut it into half longitudinally.
3. Remove the seeds from cucumber, chop the cucumber into
    small size pieces.
4. Chop the coriander leaves finely and keep aside.
5. Heat a pan, add 3 table spoons of oil,when oil is hot, 
    add 2 table spoons black gram, fenugreek seeds, mustard 
    seeds and fry them till the black gram turn golden in colour.
6. Now add red chillies broken, green chillies and a pinch 
    of asafoetida and let them fry. You will get nice aroma from 
    the seasoning. Now turn off the flame. Separte the seasoning 
    from oil.
7. Take a mortar and pestle, add the seasoning,cucumber 
     pieces, tamarind, salt, turmeric powder and grind it into 
     coarse paste. Add finely chopped coriander leaves. Transfer 
     this chutney into a serving bowl.
8. Heat another pan , add 2 table spoons of oil, add 1table
    spoon black gram, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, a pinch 
    of asafoetida and let them fry till black gram turn golden.
9.  Pour this seasoning over chutney and garnish with 
     finely chopped coriander leaves.
10.Yummy Dosakaya pachadi is ready now !!! 
     Serve it with hot steamed white rice and ghee.

April 5, 2016

Pesarattu - Upma with Allam Pachadi (Moongdal dosa,Upma with ginger chutney)

Pesarattu - Upma is one of the best,tastiest and most popular traditional breakfast recipe in Andhra Pradesh. Thin,crispy,tasty and healthy Pesarattu and upma with ginger chutney makes your breakfast special !! The spicy,tangy and sweet taste of Allam pachadi(ginger chutney) is indefinable. As this Pesarattu is made with whole green gram the health quotient is high which is rich in proteins that helps in improving immunity against infections and it also helps in reducing cholesterol levels so that you can get rid of heart diseases. We can make this dosa instant without fermentation. So those who are not aware of dosha making also can try this Pesarattu !! Do try this combo once and enjoy the taste!!

Pesarattu - Upma with Allam Chutney
Ingredients for Pesarattu :
 2 cups of pesalu / green moong dal /green gram
 1/4 cup of raw rice
 5 - 6 green chillies ( can adjust as per your taste)
 Salt to taste
 1 inch piece of ginger
 1 table spoon of cumin seeds
Ingredients for Topping :
1 Onion, finely chopped
2 green chillies, finely chopped
1/2 inch piece of ginger, finely chopped or grated
1 table spoon of Oil
1 table spoon of coriander leaves
Method :
1. Wash and soak Green gram/pesalu and raw rice in enough water for about 4-6 hours.
2. Blend soaked  green gram, rice, green chillies, ginger pieces, salt together with 
     required water.  Bring it to right consistency. Batter should be always smooth and
     little bit thick like dosha batter. Add cumin seeds, mix well , keep aside
3. Heat a pan till hot, pour a laddle full of batter over it.Spread the batter using the back of
   the laddle into a thin round layer.Sprinkle the toppings over the dosa evenly.
4. Add 1/2 table spoon of Oil or ghee on top and edges of the Pesarattu.
5. Lower the flame for 2minutes then turn the flame to medium.When the top surface of the
    Pesarattu cooked(will turn golden brown colour), slowly remove the dosa from the sides 
    and flip it.
6. Allow pesarattu to cook for one more minute. A little more ghee or oil can be drizzled if
    needed. Remove the flame, fold into two halves,serve with hot hot upma and ginger
   chutney. Enjoy!!

Ingredients for Upma :
1 cup of  Suji / bombay rava /Upma rava
1 Onion , finely chopped
2 Tomatoes, finely chopped
3-4 green chillies, finely chopped
1 inch piece of ginger, finely chopped
5- 6 nos of Kaju pieces
1 table spoon of Coriander leaves
2 table spoons of Oil
1 spoon of Chana dal
1 spoon of urad dal
1/4 spoon of mustard seeds
1/4 spoon of cumin seeds
3 cups water ( I usually try this ration 1: 3(1rava : 3water) to get smooth rava)
Salt to taste
Preparation : 
1. Dry roast the suji/rava until the good smell comes out of it. Let it cool.
2. Heat a pan with oil, add chana dal,urad dal,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,fry until it turns 
    to golden colour.
3. Add finely chopped Onion, green chillies,fry for one minute till onions become tansculent,
    then add finely chopped tomatoes, Kaju pieces, curry leaves,fry till they become soft.
4. Add 3 cups of water and salt and let it come to boil, turn the flame to low,then add 
    roasted Suji/rava slowly by stirring it continuous to avoid lumps.
5. Keep covered and let it cook on low flame for 5-8 minutes.Once it is done, add finely 
    chopped coriander leaves, mix well. Keep it warm until you have pesarattu.Do not 
    let it become cold.

Ingredients for Allam pachadi / Ginger chutney :
3 inch big piece of Ginger, cut into small pieces
Big lemon size Tamarind
2 Cubes of Jaggery ,finely crushed
3 table spoons of Chana dal
3 table spoons of Urad dal
1 table spoon of mustard seeds
1/2 table spoon of cumin seeds
10 Dry red chillies , broken into pieces
5 - 6 Green chillies
2 table spoons of oil
1 table spoon of asafoetida/hing/inguva
Salt to taste
pinch of turmeric powder
Method :
1. Heat a pan with oil, add chana dal, urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry red chilli
    pieces. Fry them for 2 minutes on medium flame.
2. Add ginger pieces, green chilli pieces to it, add asafoetida, fry for one more minute.
    Switch off the flame.
3. Remove the seeds from tamarind and soak it in water for few minutes. Then make 
   thick tamarind pulp. 
4. Finely crush the jaggery.
5. Now grind all the ingredients along with tamarind pulp,jaggery powder,turmeric powder
    and salt to a smooth paste.
6. Serve this tangy, sweet allam pachadi with yummilicious hot hot pesarattu and upma.
    Enjoy your breakfast in Andhra style !!!

April 4, 2016

South Indian Sambhar in andhra style

Sambhar is the most popular south indian side dish for rice or idli/dosa/vada. There are many variations in sambhar making, I usually make this Sambhar either with Drumstick,carrot,onion,tomato combination (Or) bottlegourd,drumstick,onion,tomato combination.The taste is always delicious, the choice of vegetables is always based on personal liking and are optional. Each vegetable that we used in sambhar gives a different flavour and taste to the dish. The main tastemaker in this sambhar is Sambhar powder we use. You can use freshly made sambhar powder or you can use MTR madras special sambhar powder. But my mom usually make this sambhar with freshly grounded sambhar powder. Sambhar is an excellent side dish with hot steamed rice /idli/dosha/ vada especially in rainy or winter seasons.Having Sambhar with hot steamed rice,ghee and papads gives you divine feeling!!! Let us learn how to make Sambhar in andhra style :)
Ingredients :
Red gram /Tur dal / Kandi pappu     :           3/4 cup
Tamarind                                          : 2 lemon size (can adjust)
Turmeric powder                         :          1/4 spoon
Sambhar Powder                         :           3 - 4 table spoons
Drum sticks                                :            2
Carrot                                           :             1
Onion                                           :             1 
Tomato                                        :             1(finely chopped)
Coriander leaves                         :          2 spoons
Curry leaves                               :            few
Salt                                             :              to taste       
Jaggery powder                          :            1/2 table spoon (optional)

Ingredients for Sambhar powder :
1 table spoon  corinader seeds
1 table spoon  chana dal
1 table spoon  urad dal
1/4 table spoon cumin seeds
1/4 table spoon methi /fenugreek seeds
1/2 table spoon Dry coconut pieces
5-6 Dry red chillies
2- 3 black pepper /kalee mirch seeds

For Tempering /Tadka/Popu :
2 table spoons of oil or ghee
1/2 table spoon cumin seeds
1/2 table spoon mustard seeds
few curry leaves
1/4 spoon of asafoetida/hing/inguva
1 red chilli broken

Method :
1. Wash Tur dal/Kandipappu 2 times and pressure cook with 2
    cups of water for 4 whistles.Dal should be soft and smooth. You 
    can cook the dal in pot too, but cooking in pressure cooker will
     be little bit easy.
2. While dal cooks,you can prepare sambhar powder. 
     Heat a pan, add coriander seeds first,roast it for few seconds 
     till they smell good, then fry chana dal and urad dal till 
     golden colour, then add dry coconut pieces,methi seeds, 
     cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds,kalee mirch seeds fry them few
     seconds till they begin to smell good.Let it cool down 
     and make a fine powder in a dry mixie jar.
3.  Soak Tamarind in a bowl.
4.  Wash and cut all the vegetables.
5.  Heat 1 table spoon oil in a pan, add onions, saute them 
     few seconds, then add drumstick,carrot and finally tomato. 
     Saute it few seconds till the vegetables become transculent.
6.  Add tamarind pulp to the veggies, then add salt,
     sambhar powder,jaggery powder few curry leaves,and a 
     cup of water make it boil till the vegetables are cooked and
     the raw smell of sambhar powder is gone.
7.  When the pressure goes off, mash the dal to smooth.
8. Add mashed smooth dal to vegetables cooked, add a
    cup of water, bring it to boil.Check the taste, add more if
     needed anything. Add chopped coriander leaves and stir.
     Cook for few minuites.
9.  Meanwhile heat another pan with 2 spoons of ghee, add 
     cumin seeds, mustard seeds,when they starts sizzling,add
     1 broken red chilli, curry leaves,when the curry leaves 
     turn crispy, add  asafoetida/hing / inguva, switch off the flame.
10. Pour this seasoning over sambhar. Stirr well and make it 
      cook for few more minutes till the sambhar becomes 
      flavourful!Yummylicious SAMBHAR is ready now!!!
11. Serve it hot with hot steamed rice, ghee with papads!! 
      I made potato fry, chintakaya thokku, papads, potato 
      papads along with sambhar.

April 1, 2016

Pesara Avakaya Pachadi - Raw mango pickle with Moongdal

If you ever speak about Andhra's culture, definitely you will hear Aavakaya or Gongura pachadi. Andhra people prefer to have food little bit spicy, that is why you find huge varieties of pickles in Andhra meals.There are many varieties in pickles, but we can say Aavakaya is the "King of the Pickles". Without Aavakaya Andhra meal will not be completed because of it's unbeatable flavour. 
 I will say any pickle lover should taste this avakaya once in their life. There are many variations in Aavakaya making like Pesara avakaya(moongdal) bellam avakaya(Jaggery), nuvvu avakaya(sessame seeds),allam avakaya(ginger) and menthi avakaya (fenugreek seeds). Today I am sharing one of the best traditional andhra culinary food PESARA AVAKAYA!!!!.My mom makes this Pesara avakaya the best !!! It is very easy to make, we usually make this pickle in small quantities each time we make so that it has that fresh taste every time.

Ingredients :
Raw mangoes            :  3 big size, chopped into medium size pieces
Moong dal powder    :  250gms(Sun dried for one day)   
Salt                            :  250gms
Red Chilli Powder   : 250 gms(I used three mangoes chilli powder)
Oil                             : 500gms (I used A.S.Brand nuvvu pappu oil)
Mustard seed powder   :      1 table spoon

Method :
1. Firstly, wash the mangoes and wipe them with a fresh dry cloth.        Keep aside for few minutes.

2. Mangoes should be completely dry, before they cut.

3. Cut the mangle into middle, take the pulp(jeedi) out.

4. Now cut them into medium size pieces and keep aside.

5. Now make a fine powder of moongdal in a dry mixie jar.

6. Take a wide bowl, add all the ingredients like moongdal powder,   
    salt, red chilli powder,mustard powder, in prescribed quantities 
    and mix them well.

7. Add mango pieces to this mixture and mix them well 
    using hands.

8.  Add oil to this masala coated mango pieces, mix it well.

9.  Store in a dry plastic container or glass jar.

10. Keep it aside for 3 days. On the 1st day it tastes little bit
      salty till it gets marinated for 2 days.

11. On 3rd day you will see oil is floating on the pickle upto 
      1/2 inch height, then it is perfect.Otherwise you can add
      extra oil over the top until it floats over the top.

Notes :

1. Do not use wet spoon to serve this pickle. Always use dry 
    spoon to serve.

2. This pickle cannot be stored more than 3 weeks, better to 
     prepare in less quantities.

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