November 16, 2015

Pesara Pachadi (Soaked Green Gramdal Chutney) - An Yummylicious Andhra Chutney

Pesarapachadi a simple yummylicious Telugu food with less ingredients. When there are no vegetables at your home, this dish will be helpful with excellent taste. When extra guests came to your house, you can serve this excellent complimentary dish in short span of time with simple ingredients. 

Ingredients :
Pesara Pappu(Moong dal or Green Gram)   :   1 cup
Red chillies                                                   :    5 to 6
Oil                                                                 :     2 spoons
Jeelakarra (cumin)                                         :     1 tea spoon
Uppu (Salt)                                                   :     1 spoon or to taste
Inguva (Asafoetida)                                       :      A pinch
Lemon Juice                                                  :      1 spoon
Minapappu(Black gram dal)                         :      1/2 spoon
Sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils)               :      1/2 spoon
Aavalu                                                           :       1/4 spoon

Preparation :
1. Wash the Pesarapappu (moongdal) thoroughly and soak in water for 45 minutes.
2. Split the red chillies into pieces.

3. Roast red chillies and cumin seeds till red chillies and cumin starts change it's colour.Stir continuously for 10 seconds or the chillies and cumin will burn.

4. Now drain the water from soaked green gram dal.

5. Take a mixie jar, grind the roasted red chillies and cumin into a coarse powder. Then add soaked pesarapappu(green gram dal) ,salt and grind it into a coarsed paste. I usually make this chutney as coarsed, if you like to have fine paste ,then grind it little more. 

6. Take the ground chutney into a bowl, add 1spoon of lemon juice and mix well. 

7. Now flavour the dish with popu(Tadka) , heat a pan add 2 spoons of oil then add minapappu,sanagapappu, aavalu,redchillies, jeera , finally sprinkle pinch of asafoetida.Let the aavalu,jeelakarra splutter. Fry for few seconds,add curryleaves ,saute for 2 seconds. The combination of Inguva(asafoetida)with cumin gives unique flavour to the dish.

8. Now the mouth-watering chutney is ready to serve. Transfer the chutney into a serving bowl, serve with hot hot plain rice and ghee. 

* You can accompany this chutney with hot hot plain rice, ghee and with hot tomato rasam . Chutney is ready now , Enjoy!!!!

If lemon is not available at your home, you can try this chutney by adding citric acid crystals. For that you need to wait for few minutes till it gets mixed with chutney completely.

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