November 14, 2015

How to flavour a dish with Tadka (popu)?

The aroma of Tadka or Popu (in Telugu) or Tempering (in English) can make us salivate even from a distance. With the aroma of Tadka we feel hungry and making us getting ready for lunch or dinner. The Tadka in ghee or oil whatever it is , it has its peculiar taste and smell which defines Indian cuisine. To give mouth-watering taste and visual appeal to your dish Tadka gives complete sense. Let's check the Tadka ingredients which are required....

Ingredients :

Minapappu (Black gram dal)                   : 2 spoons

Sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils)        : 2 spoons

Aavalu ( Mustard seeds)                         :  2 spoons

Jeelakarra (Cumin)                                 : 1 spoon

Oil                                                          : 2 spoons

Yendu Mirapakayalu(dry red chillies)   : 4

Inguva (Asafoetida) or Vellulli (Garlic)      : little


Method : 

Take a pan add oil, let it heat first once it get very hot then reduce to medium then add all the spices in a order like minapappu(black gram dal), sanagapappu(yellow splint lentils), later add aavalu(mustard seeds) ,Jeelakarra(Cumin). Finally add Inguva (asafoetida) or Vellulli(Garlic).Let the mustard seeds and Cumin to pop up in oil. Once the Tempering is done, it will change its colour to golden colur. Then remove from gas stove , add to the dish required.

Things to remember :

In the method of Tempering few things you should remember always 

1. The key to Tadka is mainly heat control.

2. Follow the order of adding spices.

3. Oil should be medium(2 to 4 spoons depending on the quantity of food you make)

4. For dal , it is better to add Tadka at the end, For Curry, it is better to add at start. For sambar and rasam, it is better to add Tadka at the end which gives different aroma to the dish.

5, You can use ghee for Tadka in making of dal, which gives excellent taste to the dish.

So, try what i suggested here...enjoy it's aroma, taste and nutritional benefits too!!!

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