November 13, 2015

Medicinal Benefits with Popula Pette (Tadka Box)

Kitchen does not mean a staff that prepares food and tadka box does not mean a spicebox where we can keep all tadka ingredients. With regular usage of tadka ingredients like jeelakarra(Cumin seeds), aavalu(Mustard seeds),minapappu(Black gram dal), sanagapappu(Yellow splint lentils),Vellulli(Garlic),Yendu mirapakaayalu(Red chillies) Miriyalu(Peppercorns), Uppu(Salt), Pasupu(Turmeric powder) we can easily get all medicinal benefits. Here are those tadka ingredients having excellent medicinal values.

Jeelakarra (Cumin): Cumin is extremely beneficial for all digestive disorders like indigestion, dyspepsia,flatulence, diarrhea and acidity.

Aavalu(Mustard seeds): Mustard relieves severe rheumotoid pains,arthritis and muscle pains. It improves immunity,fights against skin infections, slows ageing process, lowers bad cholesterol levels. A simple way to relieve muscle pain just apply a paste of mustard seeds on the area, it heats up the area and helps in loosten muscles.Pain will be controlled .

Vellulli(Garlic) : Garlic mainly boost the function of immune system, It controls all bacterial,viral,fungal infections. It controls headaches,ear infection, general cold and cough.

Miriyalu(Pepper corns) : Peppercorns improves digestion power, controls constipation problem. Kills worms in stomach.

Uppu(Salt) : It helps in balancing digestive system by improving digestion.

Pasupu(Turmeric Powder) : Turmeric has huge therapeutic value and "boosting the immunity" is it's  most important property. It is an affective home remedy for chronic cold,cough and throat irritations. The best antibiotic to cure all skin infections and we can use it as best beauty product too.

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