November 15, 2015

Nagula Chavithi Naivedyam and Significance of Nagula Chavithi

Nagula Chavithi!!!, an auspicious day celebrates in Andhra Pradesh. Nagula Chavithi festival is celebrated on the fourth day of Karthikamasam after Deepavali festival.This Nagula chavithi festival is especially Women's festival. On this day women observe fasting and perform naga pooja and worship Snake god with prayers on the name of Subrahmanya Swamy. It's a ritual in Andhra Pradesh performed for Children's better health. 

At my home, we perform this Nagula Chavithi festival with complete dedication. All members of my family woke up early in the morning and take head bath without applying shampoo or shikakai over head. Later we perform"Nitya Pooja"as usual. I pray Lord Subrahmanya Swamy with different ashtotharam ,ashtakam and with ashtothara namavali. On this day I usually prepare Chimli or nuvvula vunda(Sesame laddu), pachi chalimidi (a sweet made with rice flour and jaggery),  Vadapappu (Soaked Yellow moong dal), Panakam(liquid made with water and jaggery,pepper corn powder ). Here I am giving the method of preparation for naivedyams.


Method of preparation :

1. Chimili or Nuvvula vunda (Sesame laddu) : Take Jaggery and Sesame seeds in equal quantities. Mix both well and make laddus. Some people don't make laddus, they just mix both well and make powder. If you need more sweetness then you can add more jaggery.It can be mixed as per your taste.

2. Pachi Chalimidi : Soak the rice grains for one hour, drain the water and spread on a cloth for about 15 minutes. Once it gets semi dry, take that semi dried rice and make fine rice powder. Take equal quantities of rice powder, jaggery and ilachi (2 no.) mix well to make chalimidi. For this you can add 4-5 spoons of water to make wet chalimidi.

3. Vada Pappu : Soak half cup of pesara pappu(yellow moong dal) in 2 cups of water for about half an hour. Drain the water at pooja time.

4. Panakam : Take 40gms of jaggery in 1 cup of water, 1/2 table spoon of Black Pepper corns crushed powder, 1 green cardamom . Mix all ingredients well. 

Process of Naga Pooja :
We take naivedyams(chimli,pachichalimidi,vadapappu,panakam)
made at home and turmeric, kumkum, flowers, akshinthalu, cow milk,coconut,bananas, custard apples, rice rava, chandan,water to the "Paamu Putta"(Snake Pit). I do decorate the Snake pit with flowers, kumkum, turmeric powder, rice flour. Then I sprinkle rice rava over the snake pit by saying " ee nookalu teeskuni maa mookalni kaapadu Nagendra swamy" (take this rava as food and save our family).Later we put all naivedyams at the snake pit along with cow milk requesting snake god with this"thoka tokkithe tolagipo, nadumu thokkithe naa vadu anuko, padaga thokkithe paaripo ". That time we mention all family members names, will pray on behalf of whole family members. Finally we give all naivedyams, fruits, coconut as Prasadam for snake god.Later we do 5 pradakshinas around the snake pit, will take the "SOIL AT SNAKE PIT" as Subrahmanya Swamy Prasadam and apply to our ears. It's very important thing in Nagula chavithi pooja. It's a belief here that if we do perform this Naga pooja on Nagula Chavithi, there will be no problems in ear and eye like ear infections, eye infections.Married couples who desirous of having children must perform this Nagaaradhana, because this is especially for better health of children .

This is the significance of Nagula Chavithi. Perform this Naga Pooja with dedication, get bless with blessings of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy!!! 

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