October 26, 2016

Diwali Sweets - Besan Laddoo

"Diwali" - the "festival of lights" is celebrated in the no moon day i.e. amavaysa in the month of Karthika.This year it falls on 30th October, 2016. On this day whole India celebrates Diwali by worshipping the Goddess Maha Lakshmi with Rupee coins, Flowers and Kumkum with great devotion and dedication. On this Diwali evening my family wear new white cotton dresses and worship Goddess Maha Lakshmi with Jasmine flowers, Rupee Coins and with Aaravali Kumkum(by chanting 108 names of Mahalakshmi Devi) and decorate the house with different Rangolis, flowers and lights. Diwali means festival of lights. It is a day that brings light, happiness and joy to our lives.

Usually in my family celebration includes mainly Decoration!! - decorating the house with lights, diyas, flowers and with different rangolis. We distribute Sweets and snacks to our neighbours, nearest and dearest friends and relatives. This day we burst crackers dhoom dham:) We make delicious and nutritious sweets and dishes and distribute to our neighbourhood. Preparing and distributing sweets and snacks to neighbours, friends and families is one of the greatest Indian Culture that can be observed in almost all festival occassions. I started making sweets for Diwali festival :) Yesterday I made Besan Laddoo and taken pics. I wanted to share this recipe in my blog for my dearest viewers :) Let us go through the recipe...

Ingredients :
◆ Split Bengal gram -1 cup
◆ Sugar -1cup
◆ Ghee- 5 table spoons
◆ Cardamom powder
◆ Cashews & Raisins

Procedure :

◆  Place a pan on flame and roast 1 cup of split Bengal gram till the colour changes to light brown.
◆Let it cool down for few minutes, then grind the split Bengal gram in to coarse powder,keep aside.
 Then grind 1 cup of sugar in to fine powder with cardamom seeds(ilachi/yelakulu) and keep aside.
◆ Now take a bowl and add above powdered Bengal gram and sugar,fried Cashews and raisins and mix thoroughly.
Now heat ghee and transfer in to the powdered bowl, mix well with free hands and make small balls.
◆ Now yummy yummy besan laddoos are ready!!
◆ Serve it to your loved ones:)

Hope you enjoyed my 'Besan Laddoo', please feel free to share your opinions on my recipe and my blog too. Will meet you all with another recipe till then bbye:)

Wishing you a very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali to all my readers:) May this Diwali brings lot of joy, happiness and peace to all our lives:) 


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