September 26, 2016


Hi readers, I am back with another interesting Punjabi recipe "PALAK PANEER CURRY".This is one of my son's favourite dish. It goes well with rotis or nans or parathas or chapathis. Yesterday night I made this curry for parathas. It turned out super yummy!! I have taken pics to share the recipe in my blog. There are two versions in palak paneer making 1. restaurant style 2. Homely version.Yesterday I did try homely version !! Let us go through the recipe...
Ingredients :
Paneer                                                 :   250gms
Palak/Spinach/Paalakoora leaves       :    3 bunches
Green chillies                                       :   6 - 8
Garlic cloves                                        :    6
Ginger piece                                        :    1 small piece
Onion                                                   :   3 , finely chopped
Tomato                                                 :  2 big size, finely chopped
Oil or butter                                          :   3 table spoons
Cumin seeds                                        :   1/4 table spoon
Turmeric powder                                  :    1/4 table spoon
Garam Masala powder                         :    1/2 table spoon
Salt                                                       :     to taste
Fresh cream                                         :    2-3 table spoons
Water                                                    :   1/2 or 1/3 cup for boiling

Procedure :
1. Wash the spinach leaves in water.Chop spinach leaves roughly 
     and keep aside.
2. Take a vessel, add water and allow it to boil, then add chopped
     Spinach leaves and add turmeric powder. So that the spinach 
     leaves colour will not change.
3. After 3- 4 minuites, strain the water from Palak leaves.
4. Once Palak leaves gets cooled, grind it into a fine smooth paste and
     keep aside.
5. Heat a pan with required quantity of oil(3 table spoons enough) 
     fry Paneer cubes till light  golden colour, drain the fried paneer 
     cubes on kitchen paper towels.
6. In the same pan, add finely chopped onion slices, green chillies,
     ginger and garlic cloves.Stir fry on medium flame till onions become
     little brown. Then remove from the vessel ,shift to mixie jar and grind
     it into a fine smooth paste.
7. Now add finely chopped tomatoes to the same pan and fry
    for few minuites till tomato pieces become soft and mushy. 
    Grind cooked tomato pieces into a fine smooth paste.
8. Heat another pan, add oil, add cumin seeds and allow it to pop .Once
    they start splutter, then add Onion mix paste and stir fry for
    few minuites.
9.  Add tomato paste, fry till the raw smell of tomatoes goes away.
10. Now add Palak / Spinach puree and add required amount of salt,
     pinch of turmeric powder, garam masala powder and mix well. Let it 
     cook for 5-6 minuites on low flame till it oozes out oil. Adjust the 
     Palak consistency,if needed add water. Check salt levels.
11.Now add  fried Paneer cubes to this gravy and garnish with fresh
      cream and mix well. Yummy Palak - Paneer Curry is ready to serve.
12.Transfer this to serving bowl and serve it hot with rotis or naans or 
       Chapathis or Parathas.

     Try this Palak Paneer curry, result will be amazing and surely it will
    become your favourite too:) will meet you all with another interesting
     recipe, till then bbye


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