September 19, 2016

Mamidikaya Pappu / Mango Dal - Tongue tickling and fingerlicking dal along with Rice

Hello Readers, Today I am blogging a super comforting food,which is tongue tickling and fingerlicking !! dal made with fresh mangoes called "Mamidikaya Pappu" (Mango Dal).Nowadays Mangoes are available almost in all seasons. In summer Pickled Mangoes are famous. During rainy seasons here in andhra we get another variety of Mamidikayalu(mangoes)called "Punaasa Mamidi".So you can make mamidikaya pappu in all seasons. We can say Mango and Turdal is a magical combination.It's refreshing and lip-smackingly good. When you make mamidikaya pappu with Andhra spices you feel heaven!! This is everlasting favourite pappu in our house. I love to have this with hot steamed rice, ghee,ooru mirapakayalu and vadiyalu. Ok,now goes the recipe for "Mamidikaya Pappu". So here is the list of ingredients you would require to make tempting and delicious "Mamidikaya Pappu" .
Ingredients :
Raw Mango/Mamidikaya                : 1 medium size(peel the skin,chop
                                                           into small pieces)
Tur dal/Kandipappu/ Yellow lentil   :  1 cup
Salt                                                 :     to taste
Red chilli powder                            :     to taste
Green chillies                                  :    5-6 slit lengthwise
For tempering/tadka/popu:
Chanadal/split bengal gram seeds/senagapappu       :  1 table spoon
Urad dal / split black gram seeds/minapapappu         :   1 table spoon  
Mustard seeds/ aavalu                                                :  1/4 table spoon
Cumin seeds /jeera/jeelakarra                                     :  1/4 table spoon
Red chillies                                                                   :   4- 5 (broken)
Curry Leaves                                                                :   6-8
Asafoetida                                                                     :  a big pinch
Ghee or oil                                                                    :  2 table spoons

Procedure :
1. First thing you should do in making of mamidikaya pappu is boiling 
    tur dal and mangoes.It can be done in two methods.You can cook
    both dal and mangopieces in a pressure cooker until the dal is 
    cooked.But sometimes the sourness of mango can restrict 
    the cooking process of dal resulting partially cooked dal.To avoid this,
    I usually cook dal and mangoes separately with sufficient water
     on medium flame(this is second method).
2. Once the dal and mangopieces are ready mix them together, add 
    salt, red chilli powder and green chilli pieces and allow them to cook
    for few more minuites.So that all the flavours integrate into each other.
3. Take a pan, add ghee, then add chana dal, urad dal, mustard,
     cumin seeds and tear red chillies. Let them splutter for a while, then 
     add big pinch of asafoetida and curry leaves.
4.  Pour this on cooked mangodal mixture and mix well. 
5.  Serve it hot with hot steamed rice, stir fry (potato fry), ghee,
     ooru mirapakayalu and vadiyalu.

Try it once and you would be amazed at the taste and flavour of this "Mamidikaya Pappu"!!! and leave your suggestions to improve my cooking & blogging skills. Have a wonderful day !! meet you all with another interesting recipe...bbbye:)

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  1. We also prepare pigeon peas - tur dal same way using raw mangoes.. But I love the tempering you add in this preparation. Our tempering is cumin seeds, mustard seeds and hing powder. lovely share.


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