March 18, 2016

Sweet & Snack

Today I am blogging a tasty yummylicious sweet and snack recipe. Having a small snacks between meals is always healthy and is recommendable too.Nowadays there are many packaged sweets and snacks are available in super markets, but home-made snacks are always healthy,higenic and good in taste too. Kids always loves to have snacks at evening time after school. It is highly advisable to give them healthy nutritious snack instead of offering junk food to children which mainly causes obesity problem in children. Nowadays doctors too recommending to have some small snacks between meals. Today I am blogging a very simple to make and tastes delicious sweet "Gulab jamun" and the queen of andhra pindivantalu "Jantikalu" a traditional homemade snack made with flour. In andhra in any auspicious occasion or picnic or family gettogether is never complete without these crunchy treat and sweet.
Gulab Jamun & Jantikalu 
Ingredients for Gulab Jamun :
Gulab jamun powder (Insatant powder)                 : 200 gms
Oil                                                                             : for deep frying

For Sugar syrup :
Sugar                                                                   :    3 cups
Water                                                                   :    2 1/2 cups
Cardamom powder (yelakula podi)                       :     3-4

Gulab Jamun 

Method :
1. Take a wide bowl, mix well gulab jamun powder ( I used MTR gulabjamun powder)
    to remove lumps.
2. Then add water( as per instructions on the pack) and make a soft dough.Keep aside for
     few minutes.
3. Make small equal size balls without any cracks.
4. Heat oil in pan, fry these gulab jamun balls in oil on medium flame. Keep stirring gently
    continuous so that the inside of the gulab jamun will also get cooked well.
5. Remove it with slotted ladle when it becomes dark brown colour.
6. Let it cool for some time
7. Take a wide pan add sugar, water and cardamom powder.
8. Boil it till sugar dissolves in water and syrup becomes sticky. Keep it aside.
9. Put the fried gulab jamun balls in warm sugar syrup. Let it soak in sugar syrup for half an hour.
    so that the balls absorbs sugar syrup.
9. Serve hot or cold !! Make this desert today and enjoy !!!!

Ingredients to make Jantikalu :
Senagapindi / Besan / Chick pea flour                     :        2 cups
Biyyampindi / Rice flour                                          :        1 1/4 cup
Kaaram / Red chilli powder                                       :         1 table spoon
Salt                                                                            :          to taste
Vaamu / ajwain ( crushed or powdered)                    :        1/2 spoon
Oil                                                                              :         for deep frying
Method :
1. Take a wide bowl, add besan(senagapindi), Rice flour(biyyampindi),salt, red chilli powder,
    ajwain(vaamu) and mix well.
2. Add water slowly little by little to make a soft dough. Just make it soft then it will be pressed
     easily through jantikalu press.
3. Heat a wide heavy bottomed vessel with sufficient oil for deep frying. Take Jantikalu press,
    fill half of the press with dough .
4. Once the oil is hot, reduce flame to medium, then press the jantikalu press using circular
     motion to make concentric layers of dough. Fry these jantikalu circles on medium flame
     till it turns golden colour, then turnover the other side and fry it till it gets golden colour
     and crispy.
5. Remove it with slotted ladle and spread on absorbant paper and allow to cool.
6. Repeat the same process with rest of the dough is done. Store it in air tight steel containers.


  1. Delicious. This is my all time favorite. Looks awesome and perfectly made. Good share.:)

    1. Thank you Deepa !! Do try this at your free time and enjoy the taste :)


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