December 21, 2016

Velagapandu Pachadi - Wood Apple Chutney

Hi readers, I am back with one more traditional chutney from Andhra cuisine...Today's recipe is "Velagapandu Pachadi / Wood Apple Chutney" !!! Usually we find this Velagapandu aka Wood apple during Ganesh Chathurthi time. I decorate the Palavelli with different fruits, that time i don't miss to tie this fruit to palavelli because it is a favourite fruit to elephants as well as Lord Ganesh. I also offer this fruits as Nivedan for Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chathurthi. It has very good medicinal value. The raw ones are sour in taste and riped ones are little bit sweet. To make this chutney semi- riped ones are perfect. So please take care to select semi riped velagapandlu while making this pachadi. 

Velagapandu / Wood Apple
We can make different varieties with this Velagapandu/Wood apple like Woodapple desert(by just adding sugar syrup and coconut milk), jelly, jam, ice-cream and you can have raw ripened woodapple along with jaggery which is good for BP and diabetic patients, but it's not suggestible for Asthma patients as it increases respiratory and phlegm problems. Let us see the procedure to make this 'Velagapandu Chutney / Wood apple Chutney'

Ingredients :
Velagapandu / wood apple              1
Green Chillies                                  4
Red Chillies                                    12- 15(as per your spice levels)
Rock Salt                                         as needed
Turmeric Powder                            1/4 tbsp
Asafoetida                                       pinch
Oil                                                   6 tbsp
Black gram                                      1 1/2 tbsp
Bengal gram                                    1 1/2 tbsp
Mustard Seeds                                  1/4 tbsp
Fenugreek Seeds                               1/2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds                                      1/4 tbsp   
Grated Jaggery                                    1/4 tbsp 

Procedure :
1.Break the velagapandu / woodapple with a hammer as you break
   the coconut and take out the pulp. 
2. Heat a pan with oil, add chanadal, uraddal, fenugreek seeds,
    mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry red chillies in the same order
    and fry for few minuites, until the nice aroma comes out.
3. Add green chillies, pinch of asaofoetida, turmeric powder fry 
    for one minuite and turn off the stove.
4. Take another pan, add 1 table spoon oil, add the woodapple pulp
     fry for one minute and add rock salt. Switch off the flame.
5. Let the ingredients cool down for few minuites.
6. Take a mixie jar, add the fried seasonings, grated jaggery and
     grind it into a coarsed powder, then add the pulp and grind once 
     again into a coarsed paste.
7. Transfer this pachadi into a serving bowl, garnish with 
    fried curry leaves.
Final touch :
*** Heat a small pan with one or two tablespoons of oil for one minuite and pour this oil over pachadi(to improve the taste and shelf life)****

Tasty and sour "Velagapandu pachadi" is ready !! Please do try my recipe and leave your comments here. Thanks for visiting my blog !!๐Ÿ˜Š



  1. Thank you Meenakshi๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒท

  2. This fruit is not available here, but mom knows about this. And I really want to see and taste this fruit. Lovely share dear.

  3. I make this manytimes..and people who taste this praise me..but i didn't like the smell.. but i am sure it has medicinal values as you said before


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