January 18, 2017

Makara Sankranthi Festival Celebrations

January 14 is the most auspicious day across India, because this day is celebrated as Makara Sankranthi the first and best festival of the year for Indians especially for Telugu people. You will find ultimate celebrations during this festival everywhere in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana, that much important and auspicious and prestigious festival for Telugu people. I love this festival out of all festivals, because during this period we make different sweets like Arisalu, Chakkilaalu, Chegodeelu,Gavvalu, Nuvvula vundalu, Gaarelu(vada) Aavadalu(dahi vada) etc etc. Not only making different varieties of dishes, we also decorate houses with Mamidi Thoranaalu, Banthi Poolu. We decorate front side of our houses with stunning drawings called Muggulu in telugu (Rangoli), later we do fill these drawings with colours, flowers and with chamkees and hand pressed piles of Cow dung called 'Gobbemmalu' .

First day is Bhogi !!! On Bhogi we do discard all old things in campfire. We usually lit Campfire with old items in house like wooden pieces, clothes, Aavu Pidakalu(made with cow dung) and dry pieces of trees. This year we started Bhogimantalu at 4 A.M, all our neighbours ,friends gathered and disposed all old things in that campfire. Later we all enjoyed morning coffee by sitting near to the campfire. I have arranged Bommala Koluvu on Bhogi, given different sweets and dishes to my neighbours and friends. Evening I invited my friends and celebrated "Bhogi Pandlu" function by showering my son and neighbourhood kids with Bhogi pandlu (jujube fruit), flowers, Kaabuli Sanagalu, Akshinthalu, Cherukugadalu(sugarcane pieces) to protect the children from all evils. 

Second day Sankranthi !!! On Sankranthi we do decorate front portions of our houses with different Muggulu ( Rangoli) and with Gobbemmalu. This day I made many dishes like Arisalu, Nuvvula undalu, Bobbatlu, Garelu, Pulihora. Distributed to my neighbourhood and friends. Evening I invited my friends for Bommala Koluvu and given Vaayanam (packet of Kaabuli chana, beetal leaf and betel nut, flowers, banana fruits, bangles, pasupu, kumkuma,1 rupee coin) to all Muttaiduvalu(to Sumangalis).

Third day Kanuma !! On Kanuma we all visit near Saibaba temple and worship Gomaatha (sacred cow) with flowers, pasupu, kumkuma and offer leafy vegetables to that cow. This day I usually make Gaarelu, aavadalu, poornam boorelu offer this as prasad to god and distribute to all my family members and friends and neighbours.

Hope you all enjoyed my post, please leave your comments here.



  1. Wow beautiful and colorful Rangoli. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I only drawn that Rangoli Deepa😊😁

    2. Thanks a lot for your lovely feedback Deepa😊😊


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