April 1, 2016

Pesara Avakaya Pachadi - Raw mango pickle with Moongdal

If you ever speak about Andhra's culture, definitely you will hear Aavakaya or Gongura pachadi. Andhra people prefer to have food little bit spicy, that is why you find huge varieties of pickles in Andhra meals.There are many varieties in pickles, but we can say Aavakaya is the "King of the Pickles". Without Aavakaya Andhra meal will not be completed because of it's unbeatable flavour. 
 I will say any pickle lover should taste this avakaya once in their life. There are many variations in Aavakaya making like Pesara avakaya(moongdal) bellam avakaya(Jaggery), nuvvu avakaya(sessame seeds),allam avakaya(ginger) and menthi avakaya (fenugreek seeds). Today I am sharing one of the best traditional andhra culinary food PESARA AVAKAYA!!!!.My mom makes this Pesara avakaya the best !!! It is very easy to make, we usually make this pickle in small quantities each time we make so that it has that fresh taste every time.

Ingredients :
Raw mangoes            :  3 big size, chopped into medium size pieces
Moong dal powder    :  250gms(Sun dried for one day)   
Salt                            :  250gms
Red Chilli Powder   : 250 gms(I used three mangoes chilli powder)
Oil                             : 500gms (I used A.S.Brand nuvvu pappu oil)
Mustard seed powder   :      1 table spoon

Method :
1. Firstly, wash the mangoes and wipe them with a fresh dry cloth.        Keep aside for few minutes.

2. Mangoes should be completely dry, before they cut.

3. Cut the mangle into middle, take the pulp(jeedi) out.

4. Now cut them into medium size pieces and keep aside.

5. Now make a fine powder of moongdal in a dry mixie jar.

6. Take a wide bowl, add all the ingredients like moongdal powder,   
    salt, red chilli powder,mustard powder, in prescribed quantities 
    and mix them well.

7. Add mango pieces to this mixture and mix them well 
    using hands.

8.  Add oil to this masala coated mango pieces, mix it well.

9.  Store in a dry plastic container or glass jar.

10. Keep it aside for 3 days. On the 1st day it tastes little bit
      salty till it gets marinated for 2 days.

11. On 3rd day you will see oil is floating on the pickle upto 
      1/2 inch height, then it is perfect.Otherwise you can add
      extra oil over the top until it floats over the top.

Notes :

1. Do not use wet spoon to serve this pickle. Always use dry 
    spoon to serve.

2. This pickle cannot be stored more than 3 weeks, better to 
     prepare in less quantities.


  1. Hello friend,

    Thank you soooo much for the beautiful lovely card.

    This pickle recipe is new to me, but i really want to give a try as sounds very tempting and lip smacking.

  2. One query
    Whether moong dal is soaked first or just dry roasting and then convert it to a powdered form!

  3. No need to soak !! just make it dry under sun heat for one day !!!


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