February 24, 2016

Nimmakaya Uragaya Pachadi / Lemon Pickle in Andhra Style

Nimmakaya Pachadi can be found in many South Indian homes especially in Andhra it is very popular. The taste of Nimmakaya pachadi with curd rice is ultimate.When you are sick this pickle helps in improving your taste by tantalizing your tastebuds.We can find Lemons throughout the year. I usually make this pickle for every 6 months to maintain it's freshness and taste too. To make this Lemon Pickle all we need is fresh, juicy Lemons!!! Let us go through the procedure now...

Ingredients :
Lemons / Nimmakayalu                     :          25 big size
Rock Salt                                            :          250gms
Red Chilli Powder                              :          250 gms
Methi Powder/ Menthi pindi              :          4-5 spoons
Turmeric Powder/ Pasupu                  :           2 spoons

Procedure :
1. Wipe Lemons with a soft,clean dry cloth.
2. Cut 10 lemons into quarters or smaller pieces. Remove the seeds.
    Keep it ready in a plastic or  ceramic or glass bowl.
3. Take remaining 15 lemons and extract juice. Strain this juice to 
     remove seeds.
4. Add the lemon juice to the cut lemon pieces.
5. Now add Rock salt, Turmeric powder and mix well with 
    dry plastic spoon.
6. Keep it aside for 3 days. In these 2 days the lemon pieces will
    become soft .
7. On third day we can add red chilli powder and methi powder .
8. Heat a pan, add methi / fenugreek seeds, let it splutter for few
     seconds on medium flame. Turn off the flame once you get nice
     aroma while frying .
9.  Cool the fenugreek seeds and powder them in a mixie jar.
10. Now add fenugreek seeds powder and redchilli powder to the
      prepared lemons. Mix all well, pickle is ready now !!!
11. Enjoy Lemon pickle especially with curd rice or with dal and ghee.


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